May 21-Jun 14

Independent Novel project is due Jun 14th.  This project is the synthesis of your literary studies for grade 11, so it is worth about 20% of your grade. En 11 INDEPENDENT NOVEL PROJECTbooklet

Working on the narrative essay 400-500 words. Introduction: introduce the thesis of the essay, what did you learn from the story you’re about to tell?  Body: tell the story. Be sure you have a protagonist, a conflict (man vs self is common), rising action events- complications guiding suspense, a climax, and a resolution. Conclusion: remind the reader why this lesson was important to you.  Due Thurs. May 31st.

Spoken Word poetry presentation due Fri, Jun 8th.

In class essays: Jun 5 and 13.  Prepare your outline beforehand.


April 23-May 17

Working on Macbeth packages. These are not my work, so I can’t post them. Please get your package at school.

April 16-20

Working on Lord of the Flies theme ESSAYLESS ESSAY.  Remember to hand in all the analysis sheets on Monday!

POETRY-prompt poem.  Here are the prompts for this class:

 A recurring dream
A ritual that’s important to you
Quote from tv show or movie
How would you right a wrong?
Someone you value

April 9-13

Lord of the Flies continues

Reading schedule: Mon ch 11. Tues ch 12

Wed. ch 12 quiz and finishing up the assorted unit charts: character, theme, symbolism, Civilization vs Savagery.

Character quiz:

Unit Test:


April 3-6

Welcome back! Working through chapters and analysis of Lord of the Flies.

Reading schedule: Tues ch 8, Wed ch 9, Thur ch 10

Poetry Friday- Poetry SpokenWord reflection


Mar 5-9

Finishing stories; due Wed Mar 7.  Are your essays handed in?

Desert island activity

Start Lord of the Flies.


Feb 26-Mar 2

Finish essay.

Start short story:

Poetry Friday: En 11 POETRY Cinquain2sound


Feb 19-23

Mon-Free choice story.  One of Mrs. Bird’s chapbooks stories, or anything from the text.  Complete an analysis chart.  Make up your own analysis questions.  (Things exploring how or why).

Tues- En11 SS Comparison8X14: transfer all your story data into a summary chart.

Wed: Choose 2 stories to compare. Find supporting quotes and points. Complete Literary essay- comparison

Thurs: Complete an outline3bii based on the Essay Comparison chart.

Feb 12-16

Mon-Family Day

Tues: “The Elephant” pp. 111-114 Complete chart.  Special questions: 1. This is a satirical piece. Define satire. 2. Explain HOW The Elephant is satirical. What habit of governments is it mocking?  3. In the denouement the narrator implies an effect of lying to children. Explain. Is it a true assessment?  Have you been lied to by authority? How did you respond?

Wed: “The Giraffe.”  pp. 100-104 Complete chart.  Special questions: 1. Describe the symbolism of the giraffe to the boys. 2. What do you think the girls were doing while the boys were having adventures with the giraffe? 3. Explain the significance of the last line, “Damn this town anyway, where giraffes can’t live, because there’s room only for the things that are already here.”

Thurs: “The Dead Child” pp 186-91 complete chart.  Special questions:  1. The narrator makes some assumptions about the children in her class that turn out to be incorrect. Identify two assumptions and contrast with the truth. 2. How does the teacher change the atmosphere in her class? Give 2 quotes as example. 3. Identify 3 examples of imagery that the author has used to reveal atmosphere, character, setting, or theme.

Fri: Poetry Friday!Poetry notes- cinquain one


Feb 5-9

Mon-Computer lab to finish Autobiography

Tues-Assembly (Devon More)

Wed-Storyteller p. 123-8 “The Stolen Party”  En 11 Short story summary  Questions: 1. Does Rosaura’s mother give her good advice? Why doesn’t Rosaura believe her? 2. What is the significance of giving Rosaura money instead of a toy? Describe a situation when you thought things were one way, but they turned out to be another. 3. Explain the last line, “As if the slightest change might shatter an infinitely delicate balance.”

Thurs- Storyteller “The Blue Bouquet” Summary sheet (see link above)

Poetry Friday- ‘magnetic’ poetry.


Jan 29-Feb 2



Found Poetry song lyrics

Storyteller “The Doll’s House” pp. 233-9  Story summary chart (see above) Questions: 1. Why aren’t the Burnell children allowed to speak to the Kelvey children? 2. Describe a situation when someone was ostracized. What was the result? 3. What could be the symbolism of the lamp?




Jan 15-19

Hand in poetry assignment on “I Am a Rock”

Hand in Rapid write sourced personal write – English 11 (due Thurs 18)

Catch up on anything that’s overdue.

Studying and reviewing terms for the final exam next week.

Exams: A block- Tues 23rd, C block- Mon 22nd, D block, Wed 24th


Jan 8-12

Mon-Wed Macbeth performance Wed Jan 10.  You have been assigned a group.  Performances on Wed. The show will go on whether you are here or not.  If you are away, here is the memorization task to do in lieu of the performance.


Dec 11- 22 working on Macbeth unit!  This unit isn’t created by me, so I can’t post it here.  Make sure you collect the hand-outs in class!  We’ll be watching the play act by act, discussing, and going through assorted hand-outs.

Mon 11- introduction, Tues 12- Act 1, Wed 13 Act 2, Thur 14 Act 3 Fri 15 Shakespearean sonnet

Mon 18-Act 4 Tues 19 Act 5. Wed working on your own group performances.

Performances will be Wed Jan 10- after the break.

Dec 8 Poetry Friday: Pantoum poems.  Read instructions and see some samples here:  Assignment rubric and drafting outline: Poetry-Pantoum draft rubric

Nov 20 to Dec 7

  • working on your INDEPENDENT NOVEL PROJECT.  Due no later than Mon Dec 11th.  (Note: The link opens a full size page version, instead of the small booklet given in class).  You may choose any book that you’ve not studied previously, but choose something you can finish within three weeks.  You know your abilities.
  • Good copy of your Short, Short Story is due Fri, Nov 24. (See Oct 9-13, below for rubric).

POETRY TEST Mon Dec 4.  Referencing “That Time of Year Thou Mayst in me Behold” and “October” be sure you know rhyme scheme, poem types (couplet, quatrain, ode, elegy, sonnet), as well as meter (iambic di/tetra/penta-meter), rhythm, rhyme, metaphor, extended metaphor, simile, personification, apostrophe, hyperbole, oxymoron, onomatopoeia, alliteration, assonance, consonance, theme, tone, speaker.

Nov 14-17

  • Finish “essayless essay.” Hand in with outline and rubric.
  • self-assessment of term one English success, goals for term two
  • metaphor of the theme of Lord of the Flies (activity in class, not handed in)
  • Hand in group prompt-poem
  • editing your short, short story, and a friend’s.  Checklist: Does the narrator talk too much? Are the characters speaking to each other? Are they DOING something?  Can we tell the problem in the first 5 lines?  Does tension grow throughout the story? Is the problem resolved in the last 5 lines?  Is your narrator telling in PAST TENSE?  (Do this!  Present tense is very awkward and since it’s not the convention, it is very obvious. Some readers will struggle with the intrusion of present tense, whereas past tense disappears during reading, because it’s what’s most common).  Good copy of your Short, short story is due Fri Nov 24.
  • Poetry Friday: Spoken Word Poetry Film Fest!

Oct 16-Nov8

Please see LORD OF THE FLIES UNIT SCHEDULE.  There are four charts to update with an entry as you read each chapter: Your intensive CHARACTER analysis, your intensive  SYMBOL and THEME analyses (different for each student), and the Civilization & Savagery chart.  Here are the QUIZ QUESTIONS for each chapter.

ESSAYLESS ESSAY: 1. Outline based on your THEME chart (include 2 quotes and 2+ explanations in each body section) 2) Choose ONE of the 4 body sections to write up as a perfect paragraph with well integrated quotations, cited properly.  Double space the paragraph.  3) Include Works Cited at end of paragraph

Oct 9-13

No school Monday. Happy Thanksgiving!  (gobble, gobble)

Working on your own SHORT short story. (Tues/Wed)

Group pre-reading activity (Thurs).  As a class, you’re stranded on an island.  You have plenty of edible vegetation (fruit/roots) and protein sources (fish/pigs/birds).  Climate is temperate, though rain storms, including typhoons occur.  Design your society.

Poetry Friday: POETRY-Spoken Word project.

Oct 2-6

  • Comparison essay instructions and rubric for En 11 (Mon Oct 2)  Essay due Thurs 5
  • Literary Terms and Devices test Wed 4
  • Using the En 11 Short story summary– pre-plan a 500-600 short story that all takes place in a 15 minute time span.
  • Poetry Friday- POETRY-prompt poem (on its way to group Spoken Word project).  Prompts:  D block: 1. an object that represents you 2. a moment of joy 3. a time you saw something you didn’t understand 4. a time you broke something 5. the look of someone who fears you 6. an object that’s precious.  C block: 1. a memory of your grandfather 2. a phone call you wish you could make 3. a ritual that’s important to you 4. an object that represents you. 5. when someone trusted you and you let them down 6.  a sight that changed you    A block:  1. a recurring dream  2. the moment you knew you were in love with someone 3. something you saved money for 4. a time you broke something 5. a moment when someone’s trust in you made you a better person 6. something your grandmother likes to do for you.

Sept 25-29


Sept 18-22:

No school Monday

(Use En 11 Short story summary sheet, linked Sept 11-15)

  • Read “The Guest” by Albert Camus, analyze, and answer the following additional questions:  1. The setting is almost another character so intense is its presence.  Note 3+ phrases that show this. 2. Discuss the symbolism of dining together. 3. Describe a scenario when you were in a “no win” position.  What did you do? (Tues)
  • Pre-test: Literary terms and devices review (Wed)
  • Create a mini-poster of an assigned term (Thurs)
  • Poetry Friday-Themed Couplet

Sept 11-15:

  • En 11 Short story summary sheet
  • Using The Storyteller text, read and analyze on the summary sheet  “The Blue Bouquet” (p. 142)  (Mon) Special questions: 1. How has the author developed tension/suspense? 2. Describe a time when you felt helpless or lucky/thankful 3. Contrast the antagonist’s physical appearance and his actions. and
  • “The Giraffe” (Tues) Special questions: hand out.
  • “The Loons” (Wed/Thurs) Special questions: 1. Explain the symbolism of the loons. 2. The loons are a metaphor for Piquette’s life, explain.  3. What would it have taken for Piquette to have a different end?
  • Curriculum Implementation Day Friday, Sept 15 and Pro D Monday Sept 18. No school)

Sept 4-8:

  • Poetry Friday: Found poetry- “magnetic poetry” from individual words.  Some examples here, here, and here.  Short poems of 15-20 words, glued onto a dark background.  (Words collected from poems by Margaret Atwood, Earle Birney, and Patrick Lane).