Mrs. Bird has been on medical leave following her brain injury. 

She expects to be back working with Ms. Houston in January.

Sept 10-14, 2018

Mon: additional questions for “The Giraffe”: 1. Explain the symbolism of the giraffe. What does it represent for the boys? Does it represent something different for the other town’s people? 2. Examine the author’s style of writing speech. Sometimes the dialogue is in quotation marks, but when the narrator speaks to the boys, it often isn’t. Why? What effect does this have? 3. Explain the significance of the last line, “Damn this town anyway where giraffes can’t live, because there’s room only for the things that are already here.”

Tues: Read “The Elephant”  Complete analysis chart.

Wed: Additional questions for “The Elephant”: 1. This is a satire. Define satire. 2. Explain HOW The Elephant is satirical. What habit of government is it mocking? 3. In the denouement the narrator implies an effect of lying to children. Explain this. Is it a true assessment?  Have you been lied to by authority? How did you respond?

Thurs: “The Blue Bouquet” pp.142-144 Additional questions: 1. Before the narrator meets his attacker there are several references to eyes or seeing. Identify them. 2. How has the author developed tension/suspense? 3. Contrast the antagonist’s physical appearance and his actions.

Fri: Poetry Friday.  Cinquain #1  Choose a theme.  Write a 5 line poem that fits your theme on each line you must write a specific poetic device: 1. metaphor 2. simile 3. personification 4. oxymoron 5. hyperbole OR understatement.  Underline and label each device.

Sept 4-7. 2018

CW11-Course Outline

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Read: “The Giraffe” En 11 Short story summary

Poetry Friday: “magnetic poetry” task “magnetic poetry”