The schedule for LORD OF THE FLIES!

DATE QUIZ on last chapter READING chapter OTHER
Mon April 1 n/a 1 Introduce unit
Tues April 2 1 2  
Wed April 3 2 3  
Thurs April 4 3 4 (kids hand in ch 1-3 analyses)
Fri April 5 4 (poetry)  
Mon April 8 n/a 5 Give Character notes
Tues April 9 5 6  
Wed April 10 6 7  
Thurs April 11 7 8 (kids hand in ch 4-7 analyses)
Fri April 12 8 (poetry)  
Mon April 15 n/a 9  
Tues April 16 9 10  
Wed April 17 10 11  
Thurs April 18 11 12 (kids hand in ch 8-11 analyses)
Tues April 23 12 Character quiz.  (Hand in ch 12)
Wed April 24 Essayless essay outline
Thurs April 25 Essayless essay paragraph
Mon April 29 Hand in Essayless essay


Mar 11-15

  • SRR # 16-18 (hand in Fri)
  • RW #13,14
  • Examining and responding to non-fiction articles:
    • What if We Responded to Sexual Assault by Limiting Men’s Freedoms Like We Limit Women’s 1. This article is a satire. Explain the situation being satirized. 2. Identify quotes in the article that show “use of irony to ridicule an idea, person, or thing.” 3. In your opinion, is this approach effective? Why or why not? 4. Pick a controversial subject and write a satirical paragraph that uses irony against the issue and could make people see the absurdity in a way that challenges their thinking.
    • Teenage Vandals Were Sentences to Read Books 1. Identify the elements of the sentence. 2. Do you think it was appropriate? Why or why not? 3. What is the best way to learn not to do something: punishment or experience? Explain
  • Group assignment to design a society.
  • Introduction to Lord of the Flies.  Read ch 1. Assigned your theme and character.
  • Poetry Friday: Seguidilla

Mar 4-8  Story Writing week!

Feb 25-Mar 1- Essay writing week!

  • SRR #10-12 (hand in sheet Friday)
  • RW #9, 10
  • outline completed from story charts
  • quotes sandwiched
  • essays typed- hand in by Friday
  • Poetry Friday- Rapid Write poem

Feb 19-22

Mon- Family Day (no school)

Tues 19th

  • RW #7
  • “The Doll’s House” p. 233-239 Additional questions:
  1. Why aren’t the Burnell children allowed to speak to the Kelvey children?
  2. Describe a situation when someone was ostracized. What was the result?
  3. What could be the symbolism of the lamp? Support your idea with specific references to the story.

Wed 20th

  • SRR #8
  • Free choice story. Read any story in the text that you would like to read. Create 3 higher order, analysis questions and answer them.
  • Grammar activity: Possessives (#27)

Thurs 21st

  • RW#8
  • Summary Chart for 7 stories. This is preparation for an essay next week. It MUST be completed by Monday’s class!

Fri 22nd

  • SRR#9
  • Poetry Friday- Cinquain #1 assignment
  • Ensure all short stories analysis sheets are in! “Catch up time” for stories and Summary chart.


Feb 11-14

  • SRR #6, 7
  • Reading “The Stolen Party” 123-128. Complete front of story analysis chart.

1. Does Rosaura’s mother give her good advice? Why doesn’t Rosaura believe her?  2. What is the significance of giving Rosaura money instead of a toy? Describe a situation when you thought things were one way, but they turned out to be another.  3. Explain the last line, “As if the slightest change might shatter an infinitely delicate balance.”

  • RW #5,6
  • Reading “The Dead Child” pp. 186-191 story analysis chart and special questions:    1. The narrator makes some assumptions about the children in her class that turn out to be incorrect. Identify two assumptions and contrast with the truth.  2. How does the teacher change the atmosphere in her class? Give 2 quotes as example.  3. Identify 3 examples of imagery that the author has used to reveal atmosphere, character, setting, or theme.
  • Grammar: plurals
  • Re-test on Literary terms. Take the best of 2 scores.

Jan 29-Feb 1st

CW11-Course Outline

Required terms for English 11

writer profile

Read: “The Giraffe” En 11 Short story summary  Additional questions for “The Giraffe”: 1. Explain the symbolism of the giraffe. What does it represent for the boys? Does it represent something different for the other town’s people? 2. Examine the author’s style of writing speech. Sometimes the dialogue is in quotation marks, but when the narrator speaks to the boys, it often isn’t. Why? What effect does this have? 3. Explain the significance of the last line, “Damn this town anyway where giraffes can’t live, because there’s room only for the things that are already here.”

Poetry Friday: Found poetry: song lyrics found poetry song lyrics

Feb 4-8

Mon- Read “The Elephant”  Complete analysis chart.

Tues- Additional questions for “The Elephant”: 1. This is a satire. Define satire. 2. Explain HOW The Elephant is satirical. What habit of government is it mocking? 3. In the denouement the narrator implies an effect of lying to children. Explain this. Is it a true assessment?  Have you been lied to by authority? How did you respond?

Wed: “The Blue Bouquet” pp.142-144 Additional questions: 1. Before the narrator meets his attacker there are several references to eyes or seeing. Identify them. 2. How has the author developed tension/suspense? 3. Contrast the antagonist’s physical appearance and his actions.

Poetry Friday:  Found poetry”magnetic poetry” task “magnetic poetry”

Feb 11-15

Fri: Poetry Friday.  Cinquain #1  Choose a theme.  Write a 5 line poem that fits your theme on each line you must write a specific poetic device: 1. metaphor 2. simile 3. personification 4. oxymoron 5. hyperbole OR understatement.  Underline and label each device.