PROVINCIAL EXAM: Monday, June 25th at 9 a.m. 

This exam is worth 40% of your final grade.


May 28- Jun 1

Narrative essay due Mon May 28

Spoken word poetry due Fri Jun 1

Working on Independent novel project (setting, point of view, conflict, plot, symbolism, and theme this week). Due Thurs, Jun 14th.

Reviewing English 12 terminology list (see the hand-out you got with your course outline).  You’re expected to know these for the provincial exam.


May 21-25

Narrative essay: 500 words, due Mon May 28  Hints and strategies here:

Key point: In a narrative essay, your introduction sets up what you’ve learned from the story you’re about to tell (the thesis); the body of the essay is in story form with characters, setting, conflict, plot, and resolution; the conclusion summarizes what you learned.

The Independent Novel Project.  Choose a book suitable for grade 12 reading.  You will receive analysis pages throughout the next two weeks.  Project due Jun 14th.  This is the synthesis of your semester of study and should demonstrate understanding of terminology and ability to use it to discuss your observations.

En 12 INDEPENDENT NOVEL-DEPTH Protagonist & Antagonist, Setting & Point of View, Conflict, Plot, Theme, & Symbolism analysis pages.

April 21-May 17

Working on Shakespeare unit: Taming of the Shrew. This unit is not my original work, so I can’t post it on the internet. Please pick up your package in the bin in class.

Thursday May 10. Unit Synthesis Discussion.  If you were away, you’re on your own for this.  Generate approximately 20 points thinking about what made Kate a shrew, whether her actions are justified and how, about ‘taming’ and whether the end justified the means, what the future relationship between Kate and Petruchio may be based on what their first week has revealed about them, how taming correlates to Winston’s experiences in 1984. Were the purposes the same?  Consider #MeToo and whether this play should still be taught in schools.  Why? Why not?

April 16-19

Working on Part Three of 1984.  Choose your project.  Due Mon Apr 23.

Poetry Friday:  Prompt poem (Elegy or Ode for En 12)  Method: Pick an over-arching topic someone or something, alive or dead, that you are writing about.  Use this as the filter through which you consider the various prompts.  Free write for 2 minutes on each of the 6 prompts.  When done, go through and cross out any use of THE, THAT, OF, WHICH, AND.  Figure out where you want to break your lines (enjambment).  Take 5 of the 6 prompts, arrange them how you like, and write out the completed poem.  Put an * to indicate where a prompt changes.  Label poetic devices (underline-label).  See rubric.

Prompts for B block:

When someone trusted you and you let them down
A sight that changed you
Your dad’s best advice
A time your broke something
A family vacation
Something you care about

Prompts for D block:

Someone you value
Your dad’s best advice
A ritual that is important to you
A moment of joy
When someone trusted you and you let them down
The look of someone who fears you

April 9-13  (Exciting week! Mrs. Bird’s novella is released on Tuesday!)

Working through 1984 as per last week.  Starting on Part 3 project!

April 3-6

Welcome Back!

Work through the 1984 Part 2 analysis questions. We will listen through as quickly as we can. Keep up with the analysis questions, hand-in every 2 chapters.

Poetry Friday- Spoken word: Poetry SpokenWord reflection

Mar 12-16

1984 unit.  Reading through Part 1.  Prep quiz questions, work on your assigned propaganda technique and chapter analysis. Chapter 6-7 quiz is Friday.  Read the book (finish it, if you like, it will help!) over Spring Break.

1984 Themes assignment-4, En 12 Diversified 1984 Unit, 1984 PROPAGANDA TECHNIQUES, 1984 Part One quiz questions

Poetry Friday: “Love Letter between”  See examples from Mrs. Bird and youtube video of Sarah Kaye.  Rubric: Love Letters Between…

Mar 5-9

Writing your own short story 750-1000 words.  Due Thurs Mar 8  Variety of handouts:

SHORT short story


Article-How Writers Can Be Storyshowers instead of Storytellers

Plan: who’s the protagonist? what’s his/her goal in the scene? Who/what is the antogonist? What’s his/her/its goal? What was happening just before this scene? Where are they? What’s the time? What’s going to happen at the end?  Who achieves his/her goal? (do either?)


Feb 26-Mar 2

Grad transition work with Mr. Pugh.

Working on comparative essays: Literary essay- comparison,

Poetry Friday: En 12 Poetry 2 cinquains assignment


Feb 19-23

Mon/Tues: “The Lottery” qs 2, 5 a & b, 8 (choose any 3 a-j to write about symbolism).  Analysis chart.

Wed/Thurs: Own choice story.  Choose one of Mrs. Bird’s chapbook stories, or any other story in Insider Stories III.  Complete an analysis chart.  (Consider that you’re writing a essay comparing 2 stories next week, in case you need a match for a story you want to write about).   One of these blocks you’re working on Grad Transitions with Mr. Pugh.

Fri- No school

Feb 12-16

Mon- no school

Tues- “Yellow Wallpaper” Short Story chart (download from last week’s link)

Wed- “The Totem”   types of humour (useful for answering question 6   qs. 2, 5, 6a,b, 9, 11

Thurs- short story chart (download from last week’s link)

Feb 5-9

Child soldier video (in prep for author visit on Tues)

Horses of the Night questions and Short story- summary handout.

The Yellow Wallpaper pp. 331-47 qs. 2, 4, 7, 8 a,b,c.

Jan 29-Feb 2




Margarent Laurences’ Horses of the Night pp. 282-301 qs. 2, 4 (or 3 if no), 7, 9.

Found Poetry song lyrics







Jan 8-12

Mon-Thurs- Argumentative and Persuasive essays.  Reading. Rubric. Outline

NOTE- WED DEC 13 is the LAST DAY to hand in overdue Part 2 questions! Once they’re handed back to the class, it’s too late for you to hand them in.  (In lieu, for those who still need marks there will either be a test worth equivalent marks. Do the questions to study for the test).

Dec 11-22- 1984 Part 3  Read through the book.  When you’re finished answer the 2 1984 Part 3 short answer and projects . (poems, story, essay, essayless-essay). DUE FRI DEC 15th

Poetry Friday Dec 8-  Pantoum poems.  Read instructions and see some samples here:  Assignment rubric and drafting outline: Poetry-Pantoum draft rubric

POETRY TEST Wed Dec 6.  Referencing “That Time of Year Thou Mayst in me Behold” and “October” be sure you know rhyme scheme, poem types (couplet, quatrain, ode, elegy, sonnet), as well as meter (iambic di/tetra/penta-meter), rhythm, rhyme, metaphor, extended metaphor, simile, personification, apostrophe, hyperbole, oxymoron, onomatopoeia, alliteration, assonance, consonance, theme, tone, speaker.

Nov 27-Dec 1

  • 1984 ch 5-8 questions (Link for En 12 1984 Part 2 questions.)
  • Poetry Friday- study for Poetry test next week

Nov 20-24

  • En 12 1984 part 2 ch 1-4 assignments. (One chapter per day Mon-Thurs). You may work with a partner or 2 for this, but each of you needs to hand in your own copy.

Nov 14-17

  • Group spoken word project due this week, videos shown Friday
  • 1984 ch 6-7 quiz and notes, ch 8 quiz and notes
  • self-assessment for report card, term one
  • read ch 1, Part 2.
  • Poetry Friday: Spoken Word Film Fest! (hand in your video performances!)

Oct 30-Nov 3

  • 1984 1984 Themes assignment-4
  • 1984 – quiz questions are here:
  • chapter 1 (read Mon) quiz & notes (Tues) chapter 2-3  (read Wed) quiz & notes (Thurs)
  • Poetry Friday (working on project)

Oct 23-27

Short, story story (Mon-Tues)

(Wed) Pre-reading group assignment: 1) You are victor in a war.  You want complete control over the population.  How will you control them? Design your society  2) trade with another group.  You love freedom.  How will you escape the constraints of the society you are in?

Propaganda: (Thurs) Video:  Review types of propaganda.  Choose the technique that you will focus on as we read 1984.  (See chart- each student is assigned a different technique. See Mrs. Bird)

Poetry Friday: POETRY-Spoken Word project

Oct 17-20


Oct 9-13

No school Monday.  Happy Thanksgiving!  (gobble, gobble)

  • Terms test (Tues 10)
  • Grad Transition info meeting with Mr. Pugh (Wed)
  • Literary Comparison Essay due Thur 12  Poetry terms and devices list
  • Poetry Friday- En12-Poetry-Elegy-Ode-Lyric analysis, then a prompt poem using prompts: 1. a sight that changed you 2. the look of someone who fears you 3. a nightmare 4. a blue day 5. when someone trusted you and you let them down 6. a secret wish

Oct 2-6

Sept 25-29

Sept 18-22

Monday- no school

  • p. 43 “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson (Tues/Wed).  qs Pre-write #2 (ritual). qs 5  or 6, and 8 a-j (assigned letter in class- Breckin 8d, Katie 8e); summary hand-out
  • pre-test review of Literary terms (Thurs)
  • Poetry Friday-En 12 Poetry- 3quatrain12devices


Sept 11-15:

Short story- summary handout: (Jigsaw with groups) Using Inside Stories III text analyze stories “The Totem” (Mon/Tues)  Text questions, choose two of #3, 5, 8, 9.   “The Yellow Wallpaper” (Wed/Thurs) 3 text questions: #4, 8, and either 6 or 7.  Be sure to include specific quotes and examples from the text. Note the page numbers.

No school Friday 15 (Curriculum Implementation Day) or Monday 18 (Professional Development)

Sept 4-8: