This course is project based. Students will analyze selected stories and articles and write a variety of non-fiction, fiction, and poetry.  A final major project, publication worthy, will be created in the second term of the course.


Required: Binder, 600 pages of loose leaf paper, dark pen, coloured pen, pencil

Recommended: journal notebook, glue/tape, scissors, pencil crayons/felts, ruler

Course outline: cw12-course-outline

Feb 11-14

  • SRR #6, 7
  • RW # 5, 6
  • CRW #8-11
  • editing process, handouts on adding emotion to setting and dialogue
  • Harry/Jerry story re-writes
  • Grammar: Key to 100,000 words

Feb 4-8

  • SRR 3-5
  • CWR 4-8
  • RW 3-4
  • Story “Rings” from Geist #95 Winter 2014  What’s the symbolism of the rings? What’s the theme of the story?  150-200 words. Be sure to include specific examples and personal connections to support your opinions. (Due Tues)
  • Crafting a scene from a story frame.  (Due Thurs)

Jan 29-Feb 1


  • Review outline
  • Read “First Thoughts”
  • RW#1
  • CWR #2
  • Writer’s Profile


  • Get silent reading books- library signed out
  • SRR #1 Quote that reveals something about the protagonist, explain
  • CWR #1
  • Read aloud The Salmon Eaters
  • Fire alarm


  • RW#2
  • CWR#3
  • The Salmon Eaters discussion
  • Task- reflection on The Salmon Eaters OR write something of your world, modeled on it. 250-300 words, due Mon


  • Silent Reading
  • SRR #2
  • Found poetry- song lyric activity